Before you begin your journey on this website, please allow me to introduce myself and tell you what this page will be about.

I am an idealist. I believe that the individual, and through him, mankind may – if he chooses so – transcend to a realm of peace, harmony and untold economic and technological progress, as he did so from the primitive or the plague-haunted ages to the progress and abundance that we enjoy today.

I am a capitalist. I know that this vision may only be achieved by the universal respect of private property rights. It is not force, not the whims of the State, or the edicts of bureaucrats that create wealth but the productive effort of the individual, voluntary trade and the peaceful cooperation of a nation. And the more the property rights of the individual are infringed and disturbed, the more malformed and distorted society becomes, for wealth will flow to those who produce nothing, and man will be compelled to trade not with those who serve him best, but with those who serve the State the best.

And I am indeed a traditionalist – or a conservative, if you may, to the degree that traditionalism and conservatism holds the true and essential pillars for a thriving and prosperous world. The family unit, with the biological mother and the father, is the most important institution of any world, and must be defended at any cost. Promiscuity, while not immoral, are to be discouraged and socially shunned with any means within the boundary of respecting property rights, for it diminishes and ultimately destroys a nation’s capability to maintain the discipline that sustains civilization. A nation is inherently valuable and differs from all others – and hence the feeling of nationalism is justified – insofar as that nation adheres to and respects the principles of property rights, of justice, of freedom, of family, of commerce, and all the traits that, from the dust, build civilization.

However, ultimately, I pursue truth – and it sometimes contradicts tradition. And while I believe that Christianity has helped the ascent of Western Civilization, and for this, I have utmost respect for Christendom, I must bow to reason and accept that the concept of God is false. And indeed, the concept of black pedagogy – of verbally, emotionally and physically abusive and violent parenting – is false for it not only violates the property rights of children, it creates broken and damaged adults who will ultimately bring down the pillars of Western Civilization.

I work to bring these truths to light. And in this website, you will find my work – mostly science-fiction – which elucidates the aforementioned truths and principles, and shows how they sustain civilization in their fully blossomed design.

Rebirth of a Theocracy is an ongoing science-fiction novel, set in an anarcho-capitalist world of universal respect of property rights. The chapters are to be uploaded biweekly, with the last chapter being available exclusively in the final ebook format that the reader will be able to purchase from Amazon for a mere $7,5.

Apart from the novel, other works are to be published to this website, namely, excerpts from my other novels and non-fiction, philosophical essays on the topics mentioned above.

In short, this website is my literary playground and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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